Heidi's Farm House

Heidi's Farm House

SKU: 2017.8M

This 3 story Farm House masterpiece is covered with intricate details and Swiss culture. The red-roofed multi-story chalet has two small beautiful huts on the right and the left side.  In these 3 story huts reside different farm animals such as chickens, geese and dogs. Heidi is happily looking after these farm animals with her beloved St. Bernard dog Barry on the side of the chalet, while hard-working Peter is chopping wood beside her. A pile of chopped wood is neatly placed on the wall of the chalet, but he has more wood to chop on the beautifully detailed hand-made barrel in front of the chalet.  A family of foxes is also visiting this fun-filled chalet, as well as a cuddly alpine marmot.  It is an endlessly amusing chalet originally designed and created by Loetscher. 

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